Home is Where Our Heart Is

Home is Where Our Heart Is

Meet Saphyr, a new home fashion brand focusing on pure, natural fabrics

At Saphyr, we believe in the importance of a peaceful and comfortable home. We believe home should be a sanctuary, a source of natural comfort, and a place we can rest, recharge, and enjoy time with loved ones.

We created Saphyr because we believe little luxuries at home can make a big difference in comforting and inspiring us each day.

We also believe in the importance of home because we value family. Saphyr is a family effort, founded by Rory O’Mara and her two daughters, Genevieve and Rosemary. Rory (aka “Mom”), the creative and talented mind behind the company, developed the idea for a line of pure linen comfort bedding after spending many years as Director of International Fashion Marketing at Cotton Incorporated, where she travelled the world forecasting color, fabric and fashion trends for the apparel and home fashion industries.

Joining her at Saphyr are her two daughters, Genevieve, who is currently enrolled in the MBA/MA joint degree program at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, and Rosemary, who has always had an attention to detail, knack for storytelling, and natural ability to be the glue holding our big family close together. They bring their own unique talents to Saphyr and have grown up inspired by Mom’s love for (and impossibly extensive knowledge of!) natural fabrics.

Pure Linen Sheets

Considering how much of our time at home is spent in bed, for our introductory line we decided to create a collection of soft washed pure French linen bedding that brings natural comfort and simple luxury into our bedrooms. Pure linen exudes a relaxed elegance that we love. We love its simplicity and the way the charm of its inherent wrinkles give our bedroom a cozy and comfortable mood. We love that it’s a natural fabric that’s good for you and the Earth, and which has been cherished as one of the world’s finest textiles for thousands of years.

But above all, we love sleeping in pure linen because of the way it makes us feel – the way it hugs you when you curl up in bed, how it keeps you cozy and warm in the winter, yet cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer nights.

Pure Linen Duvet

And linen is just one of many pure, natural fabrics with special characteristics that we adore! Our pursuit is to share with you a collection of beautiful home textiles made from pure, natural fabrics hailing from places around the world with a deep legacy in textile craftsmanship. And along the way, we look forward to celebrating and sharing the stories of the rich heritage of the places they come from and the people that create them.  Welcome to Saphyr!

Sleep well and rest easy,

Rory, Genevieve, and Rosemary


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Saphyr Pure Linen

Aren’t women wonderful? Not that men aren’t of course but it is fun to celebrate our feminine friends and you three are to be celebrated!!!!! Look forward to placing an order and to a;; that is to come in your future business venture. Just had a wonderful vacation with my daughter. We have such good times together. Best of luck to all of you.

Saphyr Pure Linen

A dynasty is born! Congrats on the launching of your blog -beautiful linens.

Saphyr Pure Linen


I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I became aware of your site and wonderful product from a friend in Virginia.

Will you ship to Canada, if I decide to make a purchase one day in the near future?

Kind Regards, Linda

Saphyr Pure Linen

Wishing you the best w the blog and can’t wait to follow

Saphyr Pure Linen

Love it!

Saphyr Pure Linen

I ordered a set of sheets several months ago and just love them! Will be ordering again real soon. I want the duvet cover and another set of sheets. Thank you for offering such wonderful bed linens!

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