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Saphyr is a home fashion brand focusing on pure, natural fabrics.

At Saphyr, we believe in the importance of a peaceful and comfortable home. We believe home should be a sanctuary, a source of natural comfort, and a place we can rest, recharge, and enjoy time with loved ones. We created Saphyr because we believe little luxuries at home can make a big difference in comforting and inspiring us each day.

We also believe in the importance of home because we value family. Saphyr is a family effort, founded by Rory O’Mara and her two daughters, Genevieve and Rosemary.

Considering how much of our time at home is spent in bed, for our introductory line we created a collection of soft washed pure French linen bedding that brings natural comfort and simple luxury into our bedrooms. Pure linen exudes a relaxed elegance that we love, and the simplistic beauty and the properties of this gift of nature are amazing.

Since our linen launch, we have scoped the globe to find new products you will love, including pure cashmere throws from Mongolia, baby alpaca throws from Peru, and a collection of cotton percale and sateen sheets from Portugal. Our pursuit is to share with you a collection of beautiful home textiles made from pure, natural fabrics hailing from places around the world with a deep legacy in textile craftsmanship.

Welcome to Saphyr!



Founder's Note

Founder Saphyr Pure Linen

The soft touch and feel of natural fabrics can be a delightful source of comfort, especially as we’re going to sleep and resting on the thoughts of our busy days.

I have long been inspired by natural fibers. As Director of International Fashion Marketing at Cotton Incorporated, I presented new trends to leading textile mills and manufacturers throughout the world. It was common in Europe to sleep in the luxury of pure linen and I loved the feel of the fabric’s natural comfort. That resonated with my passion for textiles, so I decided to create my own collection for the American market and beyond

At Saphyr, we believe there is “truth in linen”. We love linen’s natural tendency and inherent charm to softly wrinkle, giving it that comfortable and lived-in fashionable appearance. Pure linen is a completely natural product with unique properties that keep you cool in warmer months and cozy in colder months, making it feel fresh and providing unparalleled relaxation. Once you sleep between Saphyr pure linen bed sheets, you will love the feel of natural comfort. 


Sleep well and rest easy,

Rory O’Mara

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